Reframe Health Lab combines patient and care provider engagement
with communications and behaviour change strategy

The Team

Mike Heinrich

Mike is the Managing Director of RHL, having built the company with Dr. Mike Evans since 2011. Mike works directly with our partners to understand their short and long term goals, develop appropriate strategies, and execute the project successfully. Mike brings 20 years of business strategy and marketing expertise to each RHL project, gained from a broad range of companies including Canada’s largest telecoms to technology start-ups around the world.

Emily Nicholas Angl

‎Emily is the Director of Health Engagement and Communication at RHL, specializing in bringing the patient perspective to RHL’s evidence-based approach to health and wellness communication. Emily has also worked as a patient advisor and patient engagement consultant with hospitals, government agencies and other organizations across Canada.

Dr. Jane Thornton

Jane is passionate about patient engagement via behaviour change models and shared decision-making. She focuses in the area of exercise as medicine for both prevention and treatment of chronic disease. Sporting highlights include a gold medal for Canada in the Women’s Pair at the 2006 World Rowing Championships, and representing Canada in the Women’s Eight at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing.

Nick de Pencier

Nick de Pencier is responsible for producing, directing and photographing the signature Dr. Mike illustrated whiteboard video series. Nick is an award-winning documentary filmmaker whose work has been featured at film festivals around the world including TIFF, Sundance, and Berlin.

Nikki Legro

Nikki is the project coordinator and medical illustrator behind our more complicated communication resources.